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Let’s get the right world, not the whole world, in our hands

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Google calendar on your cell phone
twitter: short bursts of what’s up
imified: your organizational tools on instant messenger
I want Sandy: coming soon – your virtual email assistant

This is pretty cool. I tell you, and people have been saying this for a while without getting their minds around how it’s going to happen, Web, Phone, IM convergence is here and it’s only going to get bigger.

I think the mistake a lot of people in the industry are making is trying to turn a cellphone into a desktop computer, when people really don’t interact with it in that way. People interact with their phones in short bursts. Let me shoot a quick text to someone, let me check the score of the ballgame, tell me when my flight’s delayed. I don’t need my phone to do things that a computer does better. I need my phone to do the stuff it does more efficiently, with more tailored options, and I need stuff that fits the way I use my phone to migrate to my phone.

Web browsing on my phone? Only if it’s a phone friendly web. Email on my phone? Maybe short ones. Reminders on my phone? Absolutely! It’s when I’m away from my computer that I need something to remind me. Automatically sync my phone with all my contact info? All of it, maybe not. Phone numbers, IM addresses, email addresses – absolutely.

What are other things that make more sense on a phone? Those are where some prime opportunities lie.


Written by bizzoblog

April 12, 2007 at 8:51 am