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Under pressure: are you ready for the stress of entrepreneurship?

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It is important to know how you, and anyone you might partner up with in a business endeavor, will react to stress.  The life of an entrepreneur is filled with moments of stress, and the ability to deal with stress, to channel stress positively, is one of the stronger characteristics an entrepreneur can possess.  Uncertainty is inherently stressful.  We’re hardwired for certainty and being in a state of uncertainty puts us in a state of stress.  Running an enterprise is filled with uncertainty: uncertainty of income, uncertainty of success, uncertainty about the long term prospects of the enterprise.  So if you’re unaware of how you will react to stress, you’re not really prepared for running an enterprise.  You need to know how you’ll react to stress so that you can begin the process of replacing any unproductive, unhealthy, automatic stress-reaction behaviors you have with behaviors that allow you to be productive and healthy in moments of stress.  Changing how we react to external stimuli is absolutely possible.  You certainly can’t change the external stimuli, so you may as well try to change your reactions.  If you decide you’re unable to change your reactions, you’re ultimately saying that you’re a victim of your circumstances.  And do you really want to say that?  Do you really want to believe that?  If so, running an enterprise is not for you.  If not, then commit to studying yourself in stress, and then commit to reacting in a more positive, proactive, and healthy way when you’re in stress.  Do that, and you’ll put yourself in a much better position to successfully run an enterprise.


Written by bizzoblog

December 4, 2008 at 11:47 pm